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Botox & Dysport

BOTOX  and Dysport Cosmetic Services by Tri Valley Plastic Surgery

Tri Valley Plastic Surgery uses BOTOX® cosmetic and Dysport® to soften the deep furrows between the eyebrows, to smooth the forehead, and to erase crow’s feet around the eyes creating a more youthful appearance. Botox and Dysport are incredibly effective at reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles that develop as a result of muscle movement. At Tri Valley Plastic Surgery each face is individually assessed to determine the pattern of muscle contraction. Our Board-Certified, expert injectors personally administer all treatments ensuring the best possible outcomes. Discomfort and downtime are minimal and treatments produce fantastic results in as little as a few days.

Many times Botox and Dysport can be used in combination with other injectables to create a synergy that provides an even more cosmetically appealing appearance. For more information on other injectable treatment services offered at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery please visit our injectables page.

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